Love on the Line ✕ OBJ

Love on the Line ✕ OBJ

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bvsedrocky By bvsedrocky Updated 2 days ago

The gang is finally back together and Yvonnie and Odell's relationship is better than ever.


3 years later, Yvonnie moves back to Louisiana and attends LSU for her junior year, where she reunites with her best friend Giana, and old flame, Odell. They were both shocked to see each other but Odell is more confused and angry. Yvonnie just stopped talking to Odell out of blue and Odell basically beat himself up over it.

But Yvonnie had a reason why she stopped speaking to him. She kept a secret from her friends. A secret that changed her life, and may change others.
✕ If you haven't, I suggest you read the "Plus Size Princess" before reading this so you won't be confused. ✕

Awwwwwwwwwwww....I had to be dramatic and make my aw longer😛
Xlvxll Xlvxll May 16
Odell can really fight me so.... 😐 I'm just waiting on him to catch these hands.
Odell obviously isn't over Yvonnie, but he's obviously trying to move on. Odell is still confusing. Lol!
I really missed this book and I like this one better🤗🤗☺️
AdoreRen AdoreRen May 16
He's hurt. I think if they talk he'll understand a little better
Please update I love this book 😘😘💓💖but im sooo sad at what odell did to her but i understand why he's really hurt😢😢🙁