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Lady in the Iron Mask

Lady in the Iron Mask

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K.E.H. By ArcticKaturn Updated Jan 07

"You must be fearless, deadly and ruthless...he will not be gentle if he or his men catch you, Eve," Kieran whispered. 
  "I know, and I'm ready. Moreso than I'll ever be." 
  "I just wanted to be sure. This is a dangerous game of cat and mouse. One day, either of you could end on the others' sword."
  "But today is not that day," Eve assured him, pulling the mask over her face. 
  "Today is the day that the Land of Adam will fall." 
  It is 4761BC, and 17 year old Eve is an ordinary rogue, just trying to make her way in life by a few coin, which she gains out of stealing from rich townspeople.
  Suddenly, when she is caught and taken in with interest by King Titon of the Land of Eve - for having the name and prophecy of the Chosen One, and for her unusually keen fighting skills - she must become the Lady in the Iron Mask, adopted royal daughter of Titon. Trained by the King's general, Kieran, Eve must learn to fight like a true killer, and practice courtly rules with head maid, Lilith: if she refuses, she will be executed. 
  This is all to achieve one task: to cross the Promised Land of Eden - a forested, green stretch of earth between Land of Eve and Adam - and to KILL the King there, in order to end the civil war. However, she will be faced with many difficult and arduous tasks along the way. 
  After all, pretending to be a true Lady of the Court whilst being an Iron-Masked killer is a conflicting request: this time, it may even cost her her life.

DevilEvil DevilEvil Sep 12, 2016
Already liking the book! Love it when females have the power👍
MissAnonymous2287 MissAnonymous2287 Sep 20, 2016
OMG! This was an AMAZING start! 😍 It really gripped my attention 😄 Excited to read on! 😀😁
lunamoon827 lunamoon827 Nov 12, 2016
Adam and Eve. Destined to kill each other. Lovely.
                              Truly. No sarcasm. This is a great plot. I'm hooked already.