Fallen for an Angel

Fallen for an Angel

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WARNING: manxman story that contains mature contents and actions. It is rated R, thank you for understanding.
This is a spin-off from "All you need is ME".

"I have no family.
I have no past.
I have no friends.
I have no surname.
What is love? I do not know, because love for me does not exist. Not in my world.
I have no God nor do I believe in saints and angels."

Roman has a dark and dangerous life as left hand of one of the biggest mafia bosses operating in Kiev, Ukraine. Enemies and allies easily cross paths and switch lines and life means nothing. Roman's only purpose of life is to work for and protect his boss, to take care of the business of the organization and deal with dirty jobs. 
When one of those lines and paths crosses, Roman has to travel to Dublin in Ireland in order to protect his organization. It's his job; therefore he does not question it and follows the order.
But there in Dublin his inexistent beliefs crush against something unexpected and tear apart his world, because there he meets an ethereal creature with long and fair blonde hair...an angel. 
An angel named Enna.

Enna has a normal and rosy life, exception made for a former lover turning into an aggressive and oppressing stalker, a man named Michael. Enna is kind, cheerful, beautiful with his dazzling and feminine charm and has a pure heart. But ... once his bright eyes meet Roman's dark eyes, what he has always known and believed in suddenly shatters into shreds and to have that man with a dark and dangerously attractive aura he is willing to cross and surpass his limits.

For the two young men is love at first sight, that love you cannot ignore or forget. And now Roman has to decide which path he must follow. A decision of love and duty. 

Can such different creatures fall in love and allow themselves to dream about it? Or will their opposite worlds destroy their love and their lives?

Cover by Klovis
Banners by Azer90

  • action
  • lgbt
  • love
  • mafia
  • manxman
  • mature
  • newadult
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  • thriller
geekiechicforall13 geekiechicforall13 Sep 21, 2017
Honestly it seems really cool!
                              And some of the pressure in my heart is eased because I saw them in All you need is me
KrisLo89 KrisLo89 May 10, 2016
I never disappointed when it comes to reading your novel. Thank You so much 😙😙
bookwormasalways2015 bookwormasalways2015 Sep 28, 2015
Ooh my goodness !! Opposites attract, right ???
                              Jeeze ! You have my full attention !! ;)
IceCocoa IceCocoa Dec 10, 2013
So excited for angel Enna and thug Roman (xD)! wohoo! Can't wait to read this! <3
WitchyWolf WitchyWolf Dec 06, 2013
It's getting harder to hold all the omg's in their are like so many new details that just keep you on the edge of your set. I'm can't wait for the next chapter. It's a good way to get us to want more of the book if you keep throwing new curve balls in the book.