House Of Memories (Brendon Urie)

House Of Memories (Brendon Urie)

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I smiled at him, taking the hand from my knee and intertwining our fingers together, silencing his bouncing leg. 

"So far this night has turned out quite cliché hasn't it?" I spoke as he grinned sheepishly and gazed down at our hands. 

"A girl and a boy sneak out together, expecting to explore the city. The girl," I motioned to myself, "is approached by an overly confident guy who gets beaten to the ground by the seemingly smaller boy," I motioned to Brendon who frowned slightly, "who she then develops feelings for at the sight of his strength."

'And here we are.' He smirked lifting up our intertwined fingers.

'Yes, and are you going to tell me where we are going now?'

He grinned widely as his eyes moved past mine out of the bus window. He slid his fingers out of my grasp to point at a large flickering sign that read, House of Memories, in an intensely fluorescent blue.

thiscityisinsidious thiscityisinsidious Aug 18, 2016
I am in complete love with the way you wrote Brendon's character! He's so cute and I feel like you captured what high school him would've been like
Music1331 Music1331 8 hours ago
Honestly wasn't expecting this many people to notice that it was his last name. IM SORRY HES NOT IN THE STORY lol
PrincessaLani03 PrincessaLani03 Nov 01, 2016
I hate it when people make fun of his last name!! It's not urine it is Urie!!!!
PrincessDunHun PrincessDunHun Aug 18, 2016
My phone automatically corrects his name to Brandon Urine, no joke.
I understand that completely.  It's even harder with the fact that my singing standards are set so high because it means a lot to me.  I can't sing in front of anyone.
Literally me... my mother treats me like a child and I'm over 18