bdsm princess. [phan]

bdsm princess. [phan]

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♡ By kittendaniel Updated Aug 04, 2016

daniel: a cute, innocent boy.
phil: a dark, mysterious punk.
- a story in which dan gets introduced to the world of bdsm by his new found friend chris.

NOTE! this is a story inspired by "three is better than one", a 5sos au by @tomllinson where the three boys from 5sos take in michael clifford as their submissive. a lot of the setting in the beginning is the same, but i took my own twist with it and made it with dan and phil instead.


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EmoKittenCave EmoKittenCave Nov 11, 2017
Knees weak arms they're heavy there's vomit on his sweater already... MoMs SpAhGeTti
EmoKittenCave EmoKittenCave Nov 11, 2017
Fudge you flip flop! (The fact that I said that about maybe Phil is scary)
starry-night-n-day starry-night-n-day Aug 10, 2017
— " hey gay " 
                              – " oh so you're the other gay " 
                              — " yeah let's be friends " 
                              – " yeah cool "
somethingoriganal somethingoriganal Oct 02, 2017
"Your gay right" asks every kid when I say that I hung out with my girlfriend last week end and then a couple days later ppl just ask me "so your lesbian?" ugh I hate ppl sometimes...but its ok down of them just don't understand (they mostly white and basic ugh)
somethingoriganal somethingoriganal Oct 02, 2017
I imagined him saying I'm Chris like how he said "sex on the beach" in litterlal drinks or whatever and I'm laughing
burrinthebathroom burrinthebathroom Sep 01, 2017
First of all, your assume someone's sexuality AND gender which is wrong and secondly clothes are just a bunch of ransoms fabrics, anyone can wear them buddy.