bdsm princess. [phan]

bdsm princess. [phan]

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♡ By kittendaniel Updated Aug 04, 2016

daniel: a cute, innocent boy.
phil: a dark, mysterious punk.
- a story in which dan gets introduced to the world of bdsm by his new found friend chris.

NOTE! this is a story inspired by "three is better than one", a 5sos au by @tomllinson where the three boys from 5sos take in michael clifford as their submissive. a lot of the setting in the beginning is the same, but i took my own twist with it and made it with dan and phil instead.


CrYiNgMaDHatter12 CrYiNgMaDHatter12 Dec 01, 2016
*holds up map and walks around entire earth* 
                              I CANT FIND IT!!
                              FIND WHAT
JustAPotatoe779 JustAPotatoe779 6 days ago
Well, this is another unrealistic thing that probably would never happen.
Kelseyatthedisco Kelseyatthedisco Dec 15, 2016
Same tho i went to a public school for 6th grade and i had been homeschooled all my life and i had no idea what to do
xXCookie_KeyXx xXCookie_KeyXx Dec 18, 2016
I can hug my knees while sitting in my desk because I'm that freaking small :')
CrYiNgMaDHatter12 CrYiNgMaDHatter12 Dec 01, 2016
Yeah, pay attention to the crap he's teaching you that you most likely won't need when your older
RydenIsRealBishes RydenIsRealBishes Dec 02, 2016
stfu, does the clothing say it's a girl? or does it have a vagina on it. no. clothes do not have genders