Young Justice Robin x Reader So This Is Love.

Young Justice Robin x Reader So This Is Love.

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This is a Robin x Reader fanfiction for all you Young Justice fans out there. Hope y'all like it! :)

You saw them standing there. The Team. (I don't know what they named it. Sorry. T-T) The superhero's apprentices and sidekicks. You always wanted to be in that league, maybe to get your mind off your dark past. But you didn't know that it would change your life because of one little birdie. This was your new start.

*You are a superhero but you lurk in the shadows so no one will know. At school you aren't popular, instead you get bullied. You have a mask for your hero costume that makes you feel happy, independent, strong, and not scared. Without the mask you are scared and worry of your past, that people will find out who you are, what happened to you. You are scared that people will reject you even more. So you hide all your pain behind a fake smile. The smile that HE is confused about. You also forgot how to love because of that terrible... ( read to find out who :p )But that all changes when a little birdie pops up and rescues you from that. What will happen if he finds out about this past? Read this story to figure out what he will do. Presenting.... So This Is Love.*

I will try to update as soon as possible, but with school and thinking of the story it might take a while. Sorry. Anyways I hope you like! :D 

~ I don't own Young Justice, or any of the characters.

NaoNekos NaoNekos Aug 17
How are we not dead yet? Our little 11 year old bodies can't possibly take that many hits!
Y u no like fluffy things? Sorry that was completely random, I love this!
Toxicfoxr Toxicfoxr Jul 24
I forgot how overused the 'I'm young and abused and I'm the reason someones dead so I get abused by my single parent' backstory is
Koda-Chan Koda-Chan Sep 18
The only thing I thing about is Plankton from SpongeBob singing that song in like... The Atlantis place "WEAPONRYYYYYYY"
You got his nam wrong it's Damien not Dick cause i was searching to see if there was a Damien in the justice league and it said he's hero name is robin