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The assassin's princess | Fem Percy Jackson x Damian Wayne by -astralis
The assassin's princess | Fem 𝐴.
I quickly stood up from my chair and kicked it away. My face turning red from embarrassment. "You can do this, you can do this" I chanted to myself as I slowly...
The Torn Son of Poseidon by craziestfangirl98
The Torn Son of Poseidonby craziestfangirl98
Tartarus has finally taken its toll on the sea god's son. Now that the giant war is over how will the sea green eyed demigod recover from the nightmares caused by Tar...
The Avengers, the Silent girl, and Percy Jackson by Benelamay
The Avengers, the Silent girl, Elizabeth Black
There will be a mpreg in this. There will be some very dark parts in this book. Ellie Choler has aways been sidelined. Her father abandoned her at age six. She showed u...
The Broken Hero (always an angel never a god) by Nico_diAngelo_islife
The Broken Hero (always an angel wHaThAsMyLiFeCoMeTo?
*UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING* Percy Jackson has lost everything after the giant war, his friends, his family, and his sense of belonging. On top of all this, he is dealing...
Percy Jackson: Till The Very End..... by PepperSmoke
Percy Jackson: Till The Very Cisco Suarez
Perseus Jackson is tired of prophesies Of course the next one involves him. But things are not going well in his life...... Percy's best friend Jason died. Dating Annab...
Fulfilled by celebrity1
Fulfilledby K. T. Somerset
This is a story about our seven. This is the story about after the prophecy of the seven had been fulfilled. This shows how they grow up into their lives as adults, get...
Δ LITTLΣ βIT LΩΠGΣR by celebrity1
Δ LITTLΣ βIT LΩΠGΣRby K. T. Somerset
Gaea is in a daze. The Demi-gods wait for the worse. As they wait they grow up. Get married, have children. Deal with tartrus flashbacks. Then Piper starts to get these...
Demigods revealed by Kaelanew
Demigods revealedby Kaela Newman
A bunch of oneshots featuring Percy and Annabeth revealing themselves to mortals.There might be the rest of the seven plus Thalia and Nico, but mostly Percabeth !! Happy...