The Eye of Truth

The Eye of Truth

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Jordan Davies By JDavies11 Updated May 09, 2016


Long before the Hero of Time, legend spoke of a man who could see the truth. 

They say his house was in Kakariko Village where a mysterious well now sits; a well hiding a terrible secret at it's bottom that the Royal Family of Hyrule would sooner like to forget. A secret bathed in blood, lies and the cold hands of death. 

Or so the Legend says.

But here's what the Legend didn't tell you about this strange figure; about how he learned to see the truth, the horrific price he paid for this power, and the terrible fate he met with in the end. 


*Multimedia includes the soundtrack from the game so you can listen to the music of Zelda while you read.*

Many of the details are Zelda cannon, while others are my own creative liberties. Please enjoy spotting all the subtle and not so subtle references to the masterpiece video game we all know and love. 

This is my first attempt at fan fiction, and it's amazingly fun! I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

Thanks for reading!

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TheLuckman TheLuckman Apr 13, 2016
loving the zelda references, "does my front yard look like lon lon ranch" cracked me up. Interesting to see how link ties into this!