Kidnapped by Him (A Jacksepticeye Fan-fiction)

Kidnapped by Him (A Jacksepticeye Fan-fiction)

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When Sean, otherwise known as Jacksepticeye, can't handle the pressure anymore, he goes a little insane. A twenty year old fan named Addison catches his eye. Curiosity and experimentation take over his mindset. Oh... and so does insanity. 

Mark comes along and tries to defuse the situation. Will it work? Probably not. 
What will Jack do?
Will he go insane?!
Or will more things go wrong..?
Or will someone bring him to his senses?

{Realistic Story}
{Jacksepticeye / Markiplier / Pewdiepie FanFic}


In my mind I'm trying to go (go go go) but the fanfics on mind and I don't say no!
                              (lol sorry Hamilton reference I had to XD)
Hire Robin to edit your videos so you can have a less hectic life goddammit haha
abbeytheunicorn abbeytheunicorn May 06, 2016
Kidnapping stories are alway fücked up...
                              Sounds fun!
isawrites129 isawrites129 Dec 27, 2016
Well I sleep 3 hours or less a day, but I'm used to it now soooooooo........
                              I have insomnia though,it inevitable
Awkward_Day Awkward_Day May 08, 2016
You're lame. Why do you exist? I can't even with you. Jk love ya loser.😍😍😘😘
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hey go check my story called My Tagged Post #( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) it has you in the tags section and you need to do what it is