Life After Losing You

Life After Losing You

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Sabrina Juliet By sabb24 Completed


	The loss of a loved one can destroy you, consume you, and make you forget there is still a life to be lived - yours. 

	Sophia Jameson lived an extraordinary simple life. That is, until she lost the most important person in her life. Crippled by the weight of depression and anxiety, Sophia has ruled herself out of ever getting close to anyone again. 

	After being ruled unstable both mentally and physically, she finds herself shipped away to the quiet and quaint beach town of Mukilteo, Washington. Instead of embracing the change, Sophia shuts down and continues to pass through life in a comatose state. 

	However, as she has sadly come to know, life does not always go as planned. Without having a moment to realize it, Sophia falls into the arms of the unexpected townsfolk of Mukilteo. 

	In a story of love, friendship, and family, Sophia Jameson stumbles into an incredible journey, resulting in self-discover and most of all, forgiveness.

	Follow Sophia and embrace life in the tear-jerking, heart throbbing teen romance, Life After Losing You.