The Players BestFriend

The Players BestFriend

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" I can't believe you cheated on me!" I yelled, causing more people to stare.  

"You should have seen it coming, Kylie! You know girls find me irresistible!" Austen smirked. 

Austen and Kylie were the perfect couple. At first, Kylie was reluctant to date Austen because he was known as the school's biggest playboy, but he finally convinced her. Six months later, she caught him in the janitors closet with her biggest nemesis, Britney. The next day, Kylie's dad received a huge job offer he couldn't refuse. She was forced to move to Miami, Florida but kind of liked the idea of starting over. Little did she know, just two months later, the company was going to be moved to Los Angeles, California, her home town. Kylie had already made new friends and was finally starting to enjoy life. On her first day back, she meets a jerk who she presumes is just another one of Austen's friends. As time goes on, does this guy prove to be the newest playboy or the biggest sweetheart?

Lareina219 Lareina219 Mar 08
Never trust a boy with blue eyes. Except Cole Stone of course
Oh snap she's got this down!!!! Can't wait to read the next chapter!
aallison23 aallison23 Aug 06, 2014
I haven't read this , in my story the girl moves to California too, I hadn't read this story before so I didn't know