Yandere X Reader {Finished}

Yandere X Reader {Finished}

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((Male yandere x Female Reader))

"Don't always pretend to know what you think you may know, it Might Just hurt someone."

(Y/N) had moved to Japan with her lunatic mother. She ended up meeting a guy named Tomoe at her new school, who is creepy and obsessed with her.

 later in the story she met a new guy named Ayato who she thought was a normal guy, and would be her friend, but turns out he also got obsessed with her but at a different level. The two males rival against each other in despise of there love for (Y/N) who just wants it all to end. But who will she end up with in the end. Who is hideing the biggest secret?

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All this talk about fluffy hair made me want to go pet my brother's hair since it's so soft......
AutumnOnly AutumnOnly Oct 10
WHAT?!!!! ITS LIKE SAYING: "Hey Y/n do you want to jump off the roof into the garbage?" NO. NO THANKS.
true its nice to have it not start off like every other book
SakuraBoo SakuraBoo Aug 17
Maybe you shouldn't burst through the door screaming like a mad woman
AutumnOnly AutumnOnly Oct 10
Awwwww. Yay his gonna hurt people for me. START WITH THE TEACHERS
I feel so weird going to Japan cuz I'm already in Tokyo 😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😅😅😅😅