Yandere X Reader {Finished}

Yandere X Reader {Finished}

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((Male yandere x Female Reader))

"Don't always pretend to know what you think you may know, it Might Just hurt someone."

(Y/N) had moved to Japan with her lunatic mother. She ended up meeting a guy named Tomoe at her new school, who is creepy and obsessed with her.

 later in the story she met a new guy named Ayato who she thought was a normal guy, and would be her friend, but turns out he also got obsessed with her but at a different level. The two males rival against each other in despise of there love for (Y/N) who just wants it all to end. But who will she end up with in the end. Who is hideing the biggest secret?

jenzwuet jenzwuet Jul 07
B-but I'm filipino.. welp, time to give this shorty a lesson
...I read bang as in...ya know a boy and girl then BANG then I read it again and it said Chinese bang
Don't they call people not from Japan or people who look different, foreigners?
A guy actually did this but I was about to slap a girl and he put his arm around my shoulder and BOI! I wiggled out of his arms like a snake XDDD It was today in art class omfg I'm dead what a coincidence XDDDD
SakuraBoo SakuraBoo Aug 17
Maybe you shouldn't burst through the door screaming like a mad woman
LazuliMaxie LazuliMaxie Aug 07
                              -rides velociraptor mounted on an eagle shooting double pistols-
                              -while holding an American flag-