Twisted || Yandere x Reader

Twisted || Yandere x Reader

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[Yandere x Reader]

The first day of a new semester is often the hardest, yet the most exciting - new and old classmates, friends and adventures. A girl called (first name) (last name) had just experienced that, too. However, there were some strange events happening around her ever since the start of the new year. It all started when she spotted that mysterious guy from her parallel class staring at her...

Contains swearing; be beware.

Touya Oshima © hopskaese
You © You
The plot is my original idea.
Thank you for reading!

Bwahahahaha, this is mah squad 😂😂😂
AoAnimeGeek AoAnimeGeek Aug 26
This is when my friends get suspicious because I'm always hungry ;-;
earlyalila earlyalila Sep 01
I'm horrible with names... Lemme just give them all a nickname 😂. Doesn't matter how short the name is, I'm going to give you a nickname
Wait... I just remembered i already read this xd bu continueeeee
DaQuackin DaQuackin Aug 11
Kiss him, not me: when one man hurts you, more men can help you heal.
Itz_606 Itz_606 Sep 11
Thus we have a glimpse of my group of friends. We all act just like this. They are.. Squad Goals.