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Twisted || Yandere x Reader

Twisted || Yandere x Reader

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jaebum's bum By hopskaese Completed

[Yandere x Reader]

The first day of a new semester is often the hardest, yet the most exciting - new and old classmates, friends and adventures. A girl called (first name) (last name) had just experienced that, too. However, there were some strange events happening around her ever since the start of the new year. It all started when she spotted that mysterious guy from her parallel class staring at her...

Contains swearing; be beware.

Touya Oshima © hopskaese
You © You
The plot is my original idea.
Thank you for reading!

Bwahahahaha, this is mah squad 😂😂😂
Wait... I just remembered i already read this xd bu continueeeee
And there's me being the sarcastic jerk I am going 'oh no teach this is PERFECTLY heathy cant you tell
alyszeh alyszeh Mar 26
It's nice to see some perspective from the writers. I don't have a problem with it xoxo
At least sent a your photo. If youare not hot enough then I can't consi-WHAT?! DID I JUST SAY THAT😨 but I was thought I was thinki-THATS NOT THE POINT! 😬I mean who did this? It's creepy😅.
Taylor2205 Taylor2205 May 11
The notes just straight up creepy. If I found that in my bag I would be like wtf