Twisted || Yandere x Reader

Twisted || Yandere x Reader

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DOES KAOKUN IS GAY By hopskaese Completed

The first day of a new semester is often the hardest, yet the most exciting - new and old classmates, friends and adventures. A girl called (first name) (last name) had just experienced that, too. However, there were some strange events happening around her ever since the start of the new year. It all started when she spotted that mysterious guy from her parallel class staring at her...

[Yandere! OC x Reader]

Contains swearing; be beware.

Touya Oshima © hopskaese
You © You
The plot is my original idea.
Thank you for reading!

AmyDiaz669 AmyDiaz669 Jan 10
my school has a fandom club (me and my weeaboo/really geeky friends made it lmao), i wanna join that
MasherUpper MasherUpper Nov 28, 2016
I'm gonna have to disagree with you, I was quite fond of the first chapter ^_^ it was great!
SolarisMoonEclypse SolarisMoonEclypse Dec 05, 2016
Could you put notes in front or the bottom of the page? otherwise it breaks immersion a bit.
mxgica mxgica Nov 27, 2016
I'm sobbing 
                              this girl acts like me and my best friend combined
Video game club (me while playing video games:😡THIS IS BULLSHÏT😤😋😂HAHA YOU LOSE😊😒😱😓😰SHÎT FUK etc.........)
SolarisMoonEclypse SolarisMoonEclypse Dec 05, 2016
Sweetdropping isn't an actual word....exasperated would have been better, here.