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Book 4 - I Don't Deserved To Be Love (Completed) (GirlxGirl) (Futanari)

Book 4 - I Don't Deserved To Be Love (Completed) (GirlxGirl) (Futanari)

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Jacqueline Dohim By JacquelineDohim Completed

Sophia Clarke a 24 year old Single Mother who was divorce by her Husband. He abandon his only kid, Sabrina and let Sophia to care for their child alone. Sophia decided to move in with her little Sister after her ex Husband, Brian threw her out of their house. Newly single Sophia make use of her finance degree and decided to take her friends suggestion to be interview in a multi-billion company to support her 3 year old Daughter. Everything was perfect when a certain high profile woman got a glimpse of her beauty and will not stop to make Sophia hers. 

Charlie Avilia, a 23 year old CEO of Avilia Corporation, the largest aviation industry in the world. She inherited her parents wealth and businesses after a tragic accident that killed them. She was only 12 years old and was taken care by her older Sister, Andrea. She was known for her wild antics and party animal behaviour. She's also famous for her high profile dating history with any female she think is beautiful. One day, like any other working day, her eyes landed on a beauty. A beauty that made her heart race. A beauty that change her way of thinking about life. But how will Sophia react to Charlie's secret......

Will Charlie succeed on getting Sophia?

Can Charlie accept the fact that Sophia is a single Mother? 

Will Charlie give up or try and try again to get Sophia fall for her?

Do they deserved to be love by each other?

Read to find out.

All these stop lights and you still can't manage to slow your ašs down.
Oh no why is my grandpa here why
                              Let me explain my grandad has a big company and that's what he those to everyone that works with yeah bye
leh_dyia leh_dyia Apr 26
It has futanari in the title how didn't u expect she had a penis?😂 (I googled it b4 I read it)😂🙏🏽💯
                              Okay. FIRST TIME LEGGO!
Camila_lover15 Camila_lover15 Dec 23, 2016
Bitch u just met her literally less than 1 hour ago, already having a private investigation on her private life, and now u wanna love her...girl let me tell ya... Ur a little too eager ✋😂😂😂😂😂🔫
- - Nov 20, 2016
                              THEY DON'T LOVE YOU LIKE I LOVE YOU
                              SLOW DOWN, 
                              THEY DONT LOVE YOU LIKE I LOVE YOU