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Keauren/Camren/5H fanfiction. (You'll see what I mean)

Lauren, Dinah, Camila, Normani, and Ally were all ordinary best friends ever since elementary school. They were all unique individually but all shared the same interest in music. The girls always liked to sing and harmonize together. When Normani has an idea for them to become a girl band, they set out on a remarkable journey they never thought would happen. In that year, 2012, Fifth Harmony was born.

G!P Lauren

It gets way better later on!

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annacat88 annacat88 Feb 12
"My beautiful crush" 😍😍 why is no one talking about this??
Camila if you don’t get that big Cuban ass over here and get your girl istg
annacat88 annacat88 Feb 12
Whoops, didn't realize that I was reading this type of fanfic...hmm wonder how this will play out. Still lowkey holding out for some Laucy action 😍
annacat88 annacat88 Feb 12
I hope it's Lucy 😍 but it might be Alexa or Vero too 🤔
Bish if I tried my mum while smack not only me but the other person too xD
annacat88 annacat88 Feb 12
Okay... Question, don't judge me for this... So since she has a little Lauren would she be fast or straight for liking girls and then would anyone who likes her be fast or straight?