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Keauren/Camren/5H fanfiction. (You'll see what I mean)

Lauren, Dinah, Camila, Normani, and Ally were all ordinary best friends ever since elementary school. They were all unique individually but all shared the same interest in music. The girls always liked to sing and harmonize together. When Normani has an idea for them to become a girl band, they set out on a remarkable journey they never thought would happen. In that year, 2012, Fifth Harmony was born.

G!P Lauren

It gets way better later on!

Stxrs_32 Stxrs_32 Jul 14
They just liked to sing songs for fun and... HARMONIZE
                              I see 👀
Keana is so breathtakingly beautiful and looks good with lolo tbh but I still prefer camren ✌️
Where tf are the comments yo ?? poor Lauren us Camren shippers and Dinah will gladly beat there ass honey
ataraxia___ ataraxia___ Apr 06
shoutout to bisexuals out in there in the world because they are a huge contributor and an important glue to threesomes
valepintus_ valepintus_ Jul 24
OK LETS DO THIS. I'm so excited for this 3 books. 
                              12.57 Italy 🇮🇹
Sorry but just the cover alone makes me cry I miss fetus 5h so much 😩 I still can't get over it that Camila left and they're grown ups now