Ladies of Lavender

Ladies of Lavender

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Lavenders is what they are called. Some can grow gardens in their hair, others can control the wind, others have freckles that glow like maps of the stars. They have, of course, throughout time, gone by many other names. Hag, sorcerer, caster-- witch. 

And things in a world where Lavenders exist are quite interesting to begin with. But, throw in an angry Horned Witch from another world, a strange boy who has magic when he shouldn't, a swearing cockatoo, and a lost deck of golden tarot cards, even the Lavenders are in for an adventure they couldn't have possibly prepared for. 

Cover illustrated by Kacey Lynn (@untroubledheart). Find her on Instagram at:

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elmhorsegirl elmhorsegirl Apr 26, 2017
Wait but where's "The Ebony"??? I only see "armie" and "Born From Chaos" as her stories.....
Ishwa_01 Ishwa_01 Sep 10, 2017
There will be no common characters? That'd be sad. I've already read the first book, I so wanted more of those characters.
indijinni indijinni Jan 04
Is it just me that gets this little tingly feeling when I start a new book?