Far Beyond (Harry Potter/Percy Jackson Crossover)

Far Beyond (Harry Potter/Percy Jackson Crossover)

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Candidus By Candidus Updated Oct 06, 2016

Nico di Angelo never got the attention from his father that he always wanted, so when Hades gives him an important quest, he jumped at the opportunity. 

Percy Jackson never knew the secrets of his family. He never met his mothers parents, or his grandparents, or any cousins or family from his mothers side. So when one day someone tells him that they are alive, he is beyond surprised. When he learns that his only living grandfather was evil, of course, he knew what he had to do.

Nico has one job: To fight Lord Voldemort. Percy has one job: Not to become Lord Voldemort. How can either of them do that, though, when no one trusts them? After all: who trusts the son of Hades, or the grandson of the Dark Lord?

(This book takes place after Blood of Olympus in the Percy Jackson world, and during Order of the Phoenix in Harry Potters world.)

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ImADemiwizard ImADemiwizard Apr 02, 2017
Perseus Jackson is the most kind and selfless person in this whole world. He shows mercy to all even his enemies. He will be the truest hero in the world.
- - Mar 23, 2017
I swear I'm not crying 
                              My eyes are sweating or something...
PuppyCake47STTCarrot PuppyCake47STTCarrot Mar 19, 2017
Just keep trying! I believe in you! "HOW DARE YOU?" What? "I WAS JUST PLAYING THE GENOCIDE ROUTE OF UNDERTALE!" ....
chisarreychesire chisarreychesire Feb 06, 2017
Well,Dumbledore could be considered A wrinkly monster if you look at him from another angle.ever seen Penelope and that one guy says that she's a monster and belongs in a cage in front of the press so he has to marry her cause he's rich and semi famous
                              He's a demi-celebrity
stranger_memes stranger_memes Jun 14, 2016
rebelmgd13 rebelmgd13 Nov 09, 2016
N.E.W.T classes are in 7th year and owls in with. O.W.L.S are in fifth year