Castiel x Reader: Not What You Think

Castiel x Reader: Not What You Think

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Moose In The Impala By Sofaloofa Completed

When you started your day, you never would have imagined that you'd be thrust into the world of monsters and demons. Much less would you think that you'd be mistaken for one...

I don't own anything related to the Supernatural tv series, this is simply written for fun.

There will be interrogation and torture, so this story is probably not for the faint hearted. Just a warning.

Many ideas and one-liners came from my awesome friend @LexsLittleSweetie

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This is not me, literally last week at 3:29am there was this weirdass sound outside (kinda sounded like the rake and an alien had a baby) and my window was open. Then there was a knocking on the front door, i was so scared i didnt wanna move!
This looks cool! And if something moved I'd be like "NAME AND BUSINESS!!"
Okay, in real life I’m a Christian, but in the fanfiction world I’m an atheist who doesn’t even at least believes in demons. Okay, I’ll try to be chill.
This is NOT me, if I had a dream about demons then I would grab the salt, make a line around my bed, make demon traps everywhere, get holy water and get the exorscism ritual or whatever, this is fake me
Storytime; Me and my mom both love Spn, so one night when we heard a bunch of wierd noises comming from the kitchen, my mom and i both looked at eachother and she said "i'll get the salt" and i laughed so hard i started crying😂😂 (Turns out it was just my bunny that had escaped, opps😂)
ixMisty ixMisty Nov 25, 2017
Guys we've done it
                              We've found a fan fiction with correct grammar and spelling so good you can actually understand it