At the End of All Things [LotR / Legolas] Book 3

At the End of All Things [LotR / Legolas] Book 3

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ThaleCarter By ThaleCarter Updated 4 days ago

Arya, Merry and Pippin has been taken

Frodo and Sam has left to finish the mission

Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn are on a hunt to save their friends


Amidst all of this, the darkness in Arya is growing,
taking control,
swallowing her in its power.

So the only question now is; will she make it out of this alive?

sznopkalili sznopkalili Apr 10
I don't want it to end and it's just the first chapter😔😔 BUT  I hope you'll write more books
ToriTheCat ToriTheCat Apr 11
Now I want to give the other consisciusness a name..... Okey folks juts give me suggestions
I just sat watching the picture at the top for like- 5 minutes... and I don't regret it
Hehe... Ya... About the comments thing... I am definitely anything BUT a silent reader
Awesome intro into into the new book! I can't get over how amazing the last two books were and can't wait to see how great this one will be.
I luv this story. I hope Arya can overcome the darkness and get her memories back