Shades Of Darkness (Legolas/LotR) Book 2 ✔️

Shades Of Darkness (Legolas/LotR) Book 2 ✔️

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It has been over seven decades since Arya left everything she knew behind. Friends, foes, Legolas.

Now, an old enemy is threatening Middle Earth, and there is no time to spare. Struggling with her missing past, and with trying to cope with abilities she is still discovering is not how she imagined meeting the elven prince again. Whilst battling darkness and the enemy that wants to take control over her mind, she has to face Legolas, and pick up the pieces that his confession left her heart in pieces all that time ago.  

*                               *                              *                             *                               *                  

Book Two about Arya and our beloved characters from Tolkien's marvelous universe. Though this book can be read on its own, it will make much more sense if you read the first one, called The Darkling.

©All rights to this story with the exception of Arya and scenes that do not belong in the original books/films belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson.

I burst out laughing. It was painful considering I just had my wisdom teeth removed.
Trainwreck20 Trainwreck20 Jul 18, 2016
Do not not laugh... everyone else is not laugh
Doctor_Space Doctor_Space Feb 23, 2016
Why does every girl in these stories freakin  hate being called lady
FangirlBookworm21 FangirlBookworm21 Apr 09, 2016
2nd read!!!! Here we go again on the train of feels!! Woot woot!!!!
LEEKwang_Ja LEEKwang_Ja Apr 06, 2016
That moment when you realize Aragorn is going to be in this book 😖😖🙏❤😍😍😍
CiaHill CiaHill Jan 11, 2016
Can't wait to read this story! I absolutely loved the first book.❤️