Enemies With Benefits (Merome)

Enemies With Benefits (Merome)

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Tyler By inactive911 Updated Oct 18, 2016

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer~ 

This is a Merome fanfiction people. It's just one for me to do on the side, so don't expect many updates very often 

WARNING: There will be smut in this fanfic. And some parts may also be triggering. Read at your own risk.

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CookieDraho CookieDraho Dec 30, 2017
Getting hair cut with a chansaw is like getting your hair cut with a razor that is spinning and ripping the hair from your head.
                              Sorry if very graphic
Sinception Sinception Jun 25, 2017
I get high off air sometimes. It's quite annoying if you do ask me.
Itsa_Me_Mario Itsa_Me_Mario Mar 31, 2017
OMG i have giggles fits every day and I cant stop laughing for no reason and everyone thinks im high
Itsa_Me_Mario Itsa_Me_Mario Mar 31, 2017
Im like the only non emo person in my school, i know where rob is coming from
Itz_Niamh_123 Itz_Niamh_123 Apr 12, 2017
Its like woah it satarted off as an argument then just got kinky
TheUltimateFangirl21 TheUltimateFangirl21 Feb 26, 2017
My mind is extremely fûcked up, but everyone that is not my friend at school thinks I am quiet and innocent. Silly gooses