I Like You | Camila/You

I Like You | Camila/You

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Bunny By yolo_bananas Completed

Let's go to the strip club she said! 

Oh why did I agree to go? 

(This is officially the weirdest and stupidest fan fiction ever. I'm sorry) 


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Calm down when I almost didn't pass my regents I had no problem realizing being a stripper isn't a bad job
Just saying before I read this story the fact that you said it was stupid and stuff made me want to read it 😂
nachtmusik nachtmusik Oct 24
Whyy do "I" have to hate strippers. I respect that as a job 😢
nachtmusik nachtmusik Oct 24
Why Camila a stripper? I wish I was the stripper and Camila is the anti-stripper
Usher's I Don't Mind just started playing, oops, shawty I don't mind if you dance on a pole, that don't make you a hoe
Delavigne, it's Delavigne, right ? Is it her ? Or someone else ?