He Stole My First  Kiss, So I Stole His Red Mercedes

He Stole My First Kiss, So I Stole His Red Mercedes

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WatchingForShadows By WatchingForShadows Updated Nov 05, 2015

For most kids, stealing ice-cream from the freezer, or cookies from the cookie jar are the only areas in which they become 'professional' thieves.
However Sara Robert's family have been professionals for generations - when she was a kid, rather than stealing ice cream from the freezer, she was taking diamonds from a safe. 
Her family is full of skilled thieves, tricksters, and hackers, being paid to steal things for other people whilst being careful not to be caught.
However despite being a professional thief, Sara gets something of hers stolen, and realises the next day that she has risked exposing both herself, and her family.
She knows it would be safer to fix her mess, cover her tracks, and leave it at that, but she will never be able to let the guy who stole her first kiss live in peace.
And what he doesn't know is Sara is not a girl you want to get on the wrong side of.

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apolloskid88 apolloskid88 Mar 12, 2017
"Go to class!"
                              "Fine mom!"
                              *looks in cupboards*
                              "Well I cant find it so I guess I don't have to go"
__JustMeAgain__ __JustMeAgain__ Sep 04, 2016
Lmao I forgot she was a robber.
                              It all makes sense now...*stares into distance and nods head continuously*
WatchingForShadows WatchingForShadows Jun 22, 2013
@OrinocoJean hanks for pointing that out :) I've changed it now, thank goodness! I'm guessing you've returned then?
OrinocoJean OrinocoJean Jun 22, 2013
it's great! I've just noticed that you've changed roslyn's name to camille halfway down the first page. that's why when u asked me about their names i called her camille :/x
KittyKat903 KittyKat903 Jun 09, 2013
It's really interesting so far! I can't wait for the next chapter!:) I'm still thinking of a name for her, and when I have names I'll let you know!<3