Poison (Frerard)

Poison (Frerard)

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Bren Carter ✨ By thatawkwardpan Completed

Every single one of Frank's exes only wanted him for his money. After his last breakup he swore off dating completely, deciding instead to have more promiscuous, non-commital relationships. 

The classy sex club Inferno was his favorite, especially after he meets G, a red-haired stripper with a fine ass and a tongue like silver. 

When their meet-ups become more and more about genuine companionship and less about sex, the tables turn on the both of them, changing their lives completely. 

*rated mature for strong language, abuse (verbal/physical), sexual content (innuendos, legit sex, kinks), drug/alcohol use/abuse, & other explicit content*
**somewhat inspired by the song Poison by Groove Coverage**

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once i drank half a bottle of vodka by myself like in the middle of the night i had a nice time until i had to stumble to the bathroom to throw up AND I FELL ASLEEP OVER THE TOILET
MoonlightDolans14 MoonlightDolans14 Dec 27, 2017
You could tell Gee is having good good  good time😏😏😏
NoButIGotMixedNuts NoButIGotMixedNuts Dec 28, 2017
*points to a box of condoms* you don’t wanna get preggers do ya? 
                              Cover your dick before you get slick