Dark Corners //L.G.

Dark Corners //L.G.

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Baby Lake By bbylake Updated Dec 31, 2015

I felt my limbs stretch out as the stench of old liquor and piss filled my nose, I cringed before opening my eyes groggily and closing them quickly. It's so damn bright. 

My head began to throb while I rubbed my eyes, feeling the gallon of last nights mascara crumble beneath my fingers. 

"Is she one of Franks?" I heard a still somewhat high pitched voice ask, but it definitely had a masculine tone to it.

"I don't know, doesn't look like it." A high pitched female voice whispered.

"You know I can hear you." I groaned sitting up, slowly and nauseously. Who the hells Frank?

"Carl, Debbie, leave her alone." I heard an oddly familiar female voice say walking down the stairs.

"Where am I?" I asked looking at her, using my hand as a shield to cover my eyes, blocking some of the sunlight.

"You passed out in the bathroom at the club, thought you were dead. Brought you back here to crash, you didn't talk too much." She said while walking into the kitchen in an oversized T-shirt, hair in a...

  • betrayal
  • carl
  • debbie
  • debs
  • family
  • fiona
  • frank
  • gallagher
  • ian
  • kevin
  • liam
  • lip
  • love
  • philip
  • rebel
  • sami
  • shameless
  • sheila
  • trust
  • veronica

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