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Philip Hamilton X Reader: The almost truth can beguile by Amberiso
Philip Hamilton X Reader: The Evil author
Y/N Laurens, daughter of the former martyr John Laurens, ventures away from her home in South Carolina to 'explore' the rest of her great nation. On her way, she meets P...
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✓ | LOST BOY ✱ [PHILKAS] by bhruised
✓ | LOST BOY ✱ [PHILKAS]by ˗ˏˋ paola ˎˊ˗
❛ what's wrong with that kid? he looks at you like you're his galaxy, then pushes you away and runs back to his girl. ❜ highest ranking : #1 on "philip...
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☀️ Sunshine Harem ☀️ >Philippines x Countryhumans< 🇵🇭 by Warm_Aesthetic_19
☀️ Sunshine Harem ☀️ > ⛓Badass History Nerd✍
HHHHHHHHHHHH- Yeahhhh...Countryhumans. REQUESTS ARE ON HOLD AND FROM NOW ON CLOSED UNLESS I SAY SO. Philippines x Countryhumans Philippines x OC Philippines x Reader ...
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Hamilton x Reader Oneshots by Vocalfangirl90
Hamilton x Reader Oneshotsby america's ass
A collection of random Hamilton X Reader one shots. Both AU, Modern and Hamiltime (Requests are always open!) Highest Rankings: #1 in philip, August 5th 2018 #1 in hami...
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The Hat Fic  by PanickingAtThePhan
The Hat Fic by PanickingAtThePhan
*i didnt write this. all cred goes to the original writer. i just needed to get this out of the notes of my phone before someone found it lol*
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You Just 'Undied' in my Living Room [Hamilton x Reader] (On Hold) by GhostyGirl666
You Just 'Undied' in my Living GhostyGirl666
You Just 'Undied' in my Living Room [Hamilton x Reader]: You're the newest graduate of Kings College, and you got some knowledge, but you didn't expect to have was twel...
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Sirius The Jaeger Scenarios & One Shots - a 1215 fanfiction by Sincerely_1215
Sirius The Jaeger Scenarios & Sincerely_1215
OKAY this is an incredible new show and I have not found one decent fanfiction that is longer than 6 parts - without two authors notes in it - and so I have decided to j...
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Harvest Moon: ToTT One Shots by HereIStandForever
Harvest Moon: ToTT One Shotsby ~Ever~
For a change of pace I'm going to make a few one shots, most will be centered on either Lillian or Philip but I'll probably do some of my side ships too. Enjoy (:
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Things That Only Hamilton Fans Would Get From This Book by rachernitzer
Things That Only Hamilton Fans Rachel Chernitzer
If you're a fan of the broadway musical Hamilton, like I am, then this is for you.
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Heavenly Brother by AngelLuvPrincess123
Heavenly Brotherby AngelLuvPrincess123
After Philip's death, Angel (The second child of Alexander and Eliza) is overcome with emotion and starts misses her brother. Warning : Very Sad Story
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My Love - Philidosia (2) by LittleHamlizaElams
My Love - Philidosia (2)by 🎃
This is a sequel! Read 'First Love' before this one! After years of dating and a successful wedding, Theo and Philip decide it's finally time to settle down. But as they...
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Helpless~ (Philip Hamilton X Reader)  by Eliza_Schuyler2
Helpless~ (Philip Hamilton X *Eliza~*
Y/N Madison is the daughter of James Madison. So Thomas Jefferson has a big control on how her father reacts to guys you hang out with. But of course, that doesn't stop...
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Kingdoms In Ruling <Jamilton> by Jack-Hack101
Kingdoms In Ruling by 🐝
Two Kingdoms, brink of War, petty rivalry, stupid friends. Oh, what a great time it'd be.
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boys like u | philkas by phanftharry
boys like u | philkasby Bambi
short story about lukas waldenbeck and philip shea from eyewitness. - "I know I'm an asshole, I know I fuck up a lot. But, Philip Shea, my stomach hurts when I'm a...
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Philip Hamilton X Reader  by Abrabee
Philip Hamilton X Reader by Bee
Your father, Thomas Jefferson, introduced you to Alexander Hamilton and his family at the young age of eleven. You hit it off with their eldest son Philip no problem, bu...
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Hamilton oneshots! by a_new_life_4_us
Hamilton oneshots!by Garbage
I guess these are more fanfictions than one shots, but they'll most likely be long and or have multiple parts. Some WIll contain sexual themes, so just be aware. I do an...
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Critical (Jamilton) by WhizzerMyMan
Critical (Jamilton)by inactive maybe??? :0c
Six years later, Thomas thinks he's finally ready to move on, to let go. He's ready to get on with life and leave the past where it is. That is until something from the...
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Hamilton watches Hamilton by Sparks-fly-
Hamilton watches Hamiltonby Psyche
What if all the Hamilton characters somehow met after they died to watch Hamilton the musical? Let's see together!
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Philkas + Jamler Oneshots by IdeaBooks
Philkas + Jamler Oneshotsby Ackerly Parker
EYEWITNESS Philkas (Philip Shae x Lukas Waldenback) and Jamler (James Paxton x Tyler Young) A collection of Oneshots!!! I will have Monty write some 'M' rated stuff too...
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Living With Half Brothers  by haneenrizwan
Living With Half Brothers by haneenrizwan
[COMPLETED] Alexis Winter and Alexander Wilson Gonzalez are twins. With Alexander being the older twin. They live with their mother, Anna Gonzalez and her good friend...
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