Love Sucks

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TheKoolKat By BeAfraidOfDark Updated 3 years ago
Take Sarah; the hard-hearted, inexperienced, unpopular teenage girl. 
    Take Carla and Danielle, the over-active, crazy bestfriends.
    Take some hot, needy teenage boys.
    She doesn't want a boyfriend, or anything to do with the entire species overall, but somehow- they keep finding her. Unable to fight it, she goes along with it. But a lack of experience will get her nowhere....
    and that's only where her story begins.
I'd say that I love it, but love sucks so… It's really awesome!
love can suck but you all probably don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend and just feel jealous
This should be categorized as fiction, not non-fiction, unless this is based on a true story
@BeAfraidOfDark thanks for your reply! But I have no idea of banners. What are they ? Please tell me. Thanks. Happy to receive your reply^_^.
I like this story! I especially like Sarah's point of view on love, its much more unique than in other books! Great start! Im going to continue reading!
Okay, I like this. It differs from all the other stories I see and that it's the boy chasing the girl!! I'll read on and I voted!!