Nagito/Hajime X Reader: Is This Ultimate Love Or Ultimate Desperation?

Nagito/Hajime X Reader: Is This Ultimate Love Or Ultimate Desperation?

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This is a story about You and Nagito (now decided there's going to be a choice for Hajime at the End!)
Will you try convince him to stop the last murder from happening, and if you do what will happen, will you beagle to do it unseen... will you create or destroy despair? All to be reveled in story...

I have tried to find pictures for each page which has an image that you would experience during the course of that chapter(text) so please make sure to look at them :3
This story contains spoilers and can only  be fullyunderstood if you know what happens in Dangan ronpa 2: Goodbye despair.

This story will also make you make a decision at the end, a painful decision.

I do not own Dangan Ronpa or the pictures in this story.

Thanks and please enjoy reading :3

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I need that gif,, can I have that gif? Where’d you get that Gif from?
BeautifulBelladonna0 BeautifulBelladonna0 Apr 08, 2017
Um hi.... Should I leave? You look a bit...tied up right now
KomaedaCR KomaedaCR Jul 31, 2017
Because I need to form a harem between you hajime/izuru and Fuyuhiko
_Creator_Luni_ _Creator_Luni_ Oct 15, 2017
TechoMecho TechoMecho Dec 19, 2016
But im a ultimate zombie (cause i have so many injuries and i dont fakin die
kennedichan kennedichan Feb 01, 2016
He not trash!!! Why he always think that!!! He's cute! (O///O)