Her Dream to be loved.{Completed}

Her Dream to be loved.{Completed}

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"Do you Anaya Malik,daughter of Zubair malik accept Kaif Hashim as your husband?"

The imam asked and I didn't reply.I was in shock of this turning point of my life. The thought of Kaif Hashim as my husband shivered me.

The imam again asked
"Do you Anaya malik daughter of zubair malik,accept Kaif Hashim as your husband?" I didn't reply again.

My best friend Aasiya came forward and shake my shoulder.
"Anaya! give answer." I came to my senses.

"I..I do." I said.
The imam asked for two more times the same question and I replied in " I do.

I heard the words of congratulations. People thinks that it is marriage that happened today but they are wrong because from my point of view it was a deal.A business deal. 
salaam everyone.

How would you feel when you become a deal?when your father makes a deal to save his business by marrying you with the most arrogant, cruel and tough Guy?
Anaya all her life dreamed to be loved but what she gets is only a deal.

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imaginative20 imaginative20 Jul 02, 2017
If my marriage was only a deal out of no love.. but later on you'll be in love with each other. I wouldn't mind it it's sweet
99Kelly99 99Kelly99 Nov 12, 2017
Hey is there any cast list if have lemme know coz I wanna read your story
anhashahgul anhashahgul Oct 07, 2017
Hay dear..assalamualaikum.
                              I lv the name Anaya...
                              What is the meaning of this name.plzz tell me.
This reminds me of ddlj. Anyone else here thinks so??? 
143MANAhl 143MANAhl Aug 20, 2017
Nice I'm reading this 2 time but still didn't get bored your stories are always the best
Good .Keep going.Just a little advice, keep an eye on grammatical points, spellings and sentence patterns..All the best.