Destiny Brings Us Together.

Destiny Brings Us Together.

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"Please let me see her one time." I pleaded him, but he shake his head turning away from me.

"I can't Shehroz. This is a big day for her. If you want to see her happy then please leave from here." He said not looking at me. 

"I want to see her happy, but I will not leave because I know she is making a big mistake." 

"Shehroz please! She is not making any mistake. She is doing what is best for her. Please leave her alone." He yelled at me, but I stay unaffected. He turned to me and give me a pleading look before walking away. 

"I will never leave her. I will be with her. Always." I whisper to myself and my heart clenched when I saw her giving her hand in his and smiled at him.


Shehroz Sheikh, is the CEO and the owner of the new Glam magazine. He is strong and confident, but from inside, he is all broken and sad. Shehroz live alone in L.A, California after he leave New York. His family and friends forgive him for that he do in past and accept him again.  Shehroz still meets Zoya and Asim with their babies at least 2 times a month. He is happy that Zoya forgive him and Asim let him meet their babies.

One day when he went to meet Hadiya and Mustafa, he gets an unexpected surprise from someone he love and can do anything for her. He was invited to see the love of his life going away from him forever. Will he see his love walking away with, someone to spend her life? Will he leave her again or fight for her? What is written in their destiny? Will their destiny bring them together?

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zrwashkhanmhmdzai zrwashkhanmhmdzai Mar 06, 2016
Hi there congrats  for  the  success  of last  book and the snstart ofnew book well prologue sounds interesting
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yay was looking for this♡ new dose starts♡♡♡ all the best for a new journey♡ we ready for the ride too♡
sweeetlime sweeetlime Mar 07, 2016
Very much excited to know more about this story...request you plz update both if possible...thanks
sobia08 sobia08 Mar 23, 2016
nyc chapter!!You nearly gave me a heartattack when i read she is married and pregnant😂😂😂well love to read what is going to happen now!!keep it up!!
Icebeauty95 Icebeauty95 Mar 24, 2016
I know this story is base on Aminah And Sheroz.But i feel sad for him may be if he cant get her he is better without her.
                              I wouldnt mind if he find someone elae to share his life with.
                              Hope he get his happiness soon.
sobia08 sobia08 Mar 15, 2016
Interesting story!!!beautiful cover and amazing story name!!keep it up!!