You Captured My Heart.

You Captured My Heart.

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[ #07 in Spiritual - 10/03/16]

"I-I Love Him" These 3 words break my heart.


Asim is a decent, loving and caring person. He lives with his Aunty and her family in Texas. He had his dream job. He was happy in his life, but it was like he was forcing himself to look happy to everyone, but from inside he was heartbroken when he saw the girl he love marrying someone else. However, he accept the fact of her marriage happily as he wants to see her happy nothing else. But something happened when the girl he love left alone on her marriage day. That time, Asim step forward and marry her.

Who was that girl? What happened that she left alone by her ex-soon to be husband? What will everyone do when Asim tell them he is ready to make her his?

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LostFucker LostFucker Oct 30, 2017
Such an amazing story love the content as it's full of love so well done keep up the good work hun xx
hvmaira hvmaira May 09, 2016
Well do I need to read our fate? Is there any connection between these two stories ..I know there is but I want to read this story first so tell me do I need to read our fate..plz reply soon Maddy
motormimmochick motormimmochick Apr 15, 2016
Isn't this the spin off of "our fate"? By the way if anyone hasn't read our fate, go read it, it's amazing
DeepaliKashyap13 DeepaliKashyap13 Oct 31, 2015
Awesome as usual plzz plz try to update as soon as possible can't wait longer plzzz
zafozahid zafozahid Oct 31, 2015
I just LOVE it :) <3 and waiting for next update ur stories are awesome i must say :)
DeepaliKashyap13 DeepaliKashyap13 Oct 27, 2015
Awesome Dying to know what will come next plz update soon plzzz