struggling➾ phan (complete)

struggling➾ phan (complete)

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update:: this was written about two years ago, the writing is quite bad, I apologize in advance 

//trigger warning//
//dans pov//

"do you love me phil ?"

"maybe i do"

celery_soda celery_soda Feb 11
I thought this was a weird way of saying when he came out as transgender
anthia127 anthia127 Nov 09, 2016
I read it anyways no matter how much it triggers me and really its nice
sorbethowell sorbethowell Nov 06, 2016
*i rolled up my sleeves and exposed the Pepe meme tattoo on my forearm "THERE YOU GO! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? I HAVE A STRANGE ADDICTION!" pj and Phil and Chris gawk at eachother... "that is not what I expected to be quite honest" pj said*
                              I'll see myself out - don't hate me
anthia127 anthia127 Nov 09, 2016
The thing i always tell my friends hehehe they believe that so im glad
Biokat Biokat Jan 04
lmao if drinks let out smoke instead of steam i'd be dead
                              (quite literally actually i have asthma)
                              (check your privilege)
anthia127 anthia127 Nov 09, 2016
Lol you think they'll be on my arms because thats too obvious