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Phan oneshots

Phan oneshots

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drarryonice <3 By drarryonice Updated Sep 07, 2016

NOTE: UPDATES ARE INCONSISTENT (I'm sorry I try my hardest)

A collection of fluffy and angsty Phan Oneshots written by me! (smut won't be included - I can't write it at all oops)

There will be trigger warnings throughout the oneshots but I will write what will be included before each chapter - please read with caution and stay safe !! :))

My updates are slow as all hell and I don't follow a schedule at all what-so-ever. I tend to just update whenever (whether it be 2 weeks or 6 months, I'm sorry) so if you like my writing (idk how but) please add my book to your library :))

I make really obvious and bad references to my fandoms so yeah be warned and be on the look out O.O (they are extremely //well placed// and //not obvious//)

I made the cover which is probably why it looks plain and not artsy like the other covers out there *stares into void**sees WD Gaster**waves**wow*

Okay, thats all, I hope you guys like this book! If you have any prompts or suggestions for oneshots, please do write them down in the comments (I read every single comment !!) or PM me xx

~ deathbydrarryy

SIDENOTE: thank everyone so much for the encouraging message and comments that you've sent me, it really does make me happy :'))) &lt;33

Pugnut605 Pugnut605 Nov 21, 2016
I'm okay 
                              I'm okay
                              I'm okay
                              I'm okay
                              I'm okay
                              I'm okay
                              IM NOT CRYING I JUST HAVE SWEATY EYES
wrote88 wrote88 Oct 16, 2016
I am here because I saw W.D. Faster in your description we undertale trash must stick together okey bye
Drarryidliife Drarryidliife Nov 22, 2016
Friend: Why are you crying
                              Me: I'm not crying I just have something in my eye
                              Friend: What?
                              Me: TEARS
NicoleCabrera686 NicoleCabrera686 Dec 17, 2016
Hey its okay if you dont update!!! I am and a lot of people are patience
oliviagibbsx oliviagibbsx Nov 27, 2016
Cam_Holmes Cam_Holmes Dec 15, 2016
My friends say I am heartless, that I don't have feelings, and you made me cry, congratulations