Twist in Fate || Tom Riddle

Twist in Fate || Tom Riddle

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Tom Riddle as a teenager; handsome, harsh and solitary. Evelyn Gallagher; a quiet Ravenclaw secretly sent back in time by Dumbledore to save Tom, and to prevent him from becoming Voldemort. Intelligent and trustworthy, caring and hardworking, she is soon to become Tom's newest weakness. If she succeeds, the wizarding and Muggle world will be saved. If not, the world as Evelyn knows it will fall.

All it takes is a twist in fate.

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I'm such a nerd... I figured out that how many turns it would take. 430,000. Correct me if I'm wrong.
YourNotSoBasicBitch YourNotSoBasicBitch Feb 01, 2016
This book is copied, from the books modification and dawn of darkness.
Chlolette Chlolette Nov 17, 2016
IKR IT'S NOT FAIR! Why must he be so hot. I even want to be a death eater just to be close to him
qxeenhiba qxeenhiba Aug 07, 2016
I've been reading Tom Riddle Fanfiction all day what am I doing wtf
AlwaysTisha87 AlwaysTisha87 Dec 23, 2016
Didn't the uniforms go through a few changes over the years?
jordieblob16 jordieblob16 Apr 19, 2016
*runs in circles* Yay, another @foreversmaug the last book! I cannot wait to read!