Mercy (A Dramione and Tomione fanfic)

Mercy (A Dramione and Tomione fanfic)

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Voldemort is gaining more power as each day passes, and no one can stop him, except for maybe two people. 

Hermione and Draco go back in time, back when Tom Riddle was still a teenage boy, and are told to befriend him in order to find out what his plans were for the future.

But what happens when a feeling called love destroys the plan...

[Cover by @softaen]

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teenidle05 teenidle05 Apr 13
Soooo lucky! no school for a year? i would accept that too if so ^^
lowen46 lowen46 Aug 05
This is gonna be painful. Dramione is my OTP, I'm gonna be having some mental battles
Wait, what? Draco will come? But, if he will, he'll be classmates with his grandfather. This is so complicated.
Are you Sirius!? What is Ron with you!? That is Ridikulus! I would Neville do that!
                              I'll let myself out....
LuAnnTe LuAnnTe Jul 23, 2016
If they go back in time why can't they just return right after they left I the present?
GraceInTheRain GraceInTheRain Nov 15, 2016
But this is 6th year. What about the Vanishing Cabinet? Honestly I don't see why he agreed.