Faking Married.

Faking Married.

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~~ Book 2 of The Marrying You Series. This book can be read as a stand alone but I recommend you read book 1 too.~~

To Mikayla Hudson, being left in the dark was an everyday occurrence. Being blind from the age of one had made Mikayla's life a little more challenging but, she always strove to make more out of life than she was handed. Having been adopted in her teens, Mikayla had been given a new lease on life; despite still being blanketed in her comforting darkness. What Mikayla never thought to be left in the dark about was the matter concerning her marital status. 

When she suddenly wakes up in the intensive care unit one morning, she's happy to hear the sound of familiar voices except; amongst them is one unfamiliar, deep and rustic voice that startles her. The voice belongs to a man by the name of Daxton Reynolds, a man who claims is her husband. She denies it but, when her family is convinced that her denial is due to some case of short term memory loss, Mikayla is forced to fake being married to a complete stranger; a stranger whose agenda she had yet to identify. 

But, things start changing and their faked marriage gets complicated when eccentric famous brothers' appear, along with a mysterious and secret boyfriend. Mikayla is stuck in a lie that continues to grow and the worst part of it all is that she doesn't know which is a lie or, which is truth.

Highest rank - #29 in Chicklit.

btrice4u btrice4u Apr 17
The situation should be kinda sad for the reader who actually knows the truth but I find it humorous😆
Wow, so cool story like this. Crime and love together hahaha. Hello, I'm your new reader :)
No if Cameron was more responsible driver, she would have been safe
I am allready in love with this book. I can't wait to read more!
Daxton should really understand that his obligations to his brother is crossing the line :$
XD lol so that's why he is faking there marraige...at least to begin with.