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Hailey was called fat, ugly and a loser and was bullied in both places school and her home.Her mother and relatives always compares her with her elder sister who's quite beautiful in her glass figure with the Hollywood star attitude.

Her isolation became her most promising support for the life and her great interest in books.

At the age of sixteen she had no boyfriend,no friends and no life. She felt lonely in this world but try to be patient with the belief that someday she'll have her happily ever after.

She was innocent of the real world.She was unknown to many emotions in this world like love, lust, jealousy and hatred.

But then one night changed everything and she end up as a someone's wife.
Chase Edwards was in last year of college when he finds out that he needs to get married to some girl as the wish of his grandfather. He loved his grandfather and would do anything for him so he agreed. But inside he was hoping for some miracle to happen.Unfortunately nothing happened and he end up getting married.

But he hates her for destroying his life by agreeing to this arrange marriage.
And he sees her as a annoying kid nothing else..

To find out if these two completely opposite people will ever end up with each other and have their happily ever after or not?


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rfjghtf rfjghtf Jan 02
Your ideas are fun and original but if you want it to be perfect work on your grammar.