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My Pretend Boyfriend: A lovestory of the Nerds

My Pretend Boyfriend: A lovestory of the Nerds

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▪️◼️K◼️▪️ By TheEuphoricWriter Updated 2 days ago

[Best: #20 in chicklit; #56 in Teen Fiction]

Best friends, Logan and Claire were known as 'nerds' more than their names.

The bullies had made their lives a living hell, wounding their notions, satirizing them about how they'll never find their love; until their friend, Adriel, came up with an idea. An idea that might prove the bullies wrong.

'I have a wonderful idea!' blurted Adriel who was now staring at Claire and Logan with intent 'Why don't you guys pretend to be a couple?'
What could go wrong? They just had to fool the bullies by hanging out with each other, share their deepest of secrets and be affectionate to each other.
'Just try not to fall in love' Adriel ended.

[Theme song: 'Uncover' by Zara Larson]
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And here's tooooo our adorable and amazing boy! Wohoooooo❤❤❤❤😍😍
Silentobserver1 Silentobserver1 Oct 08, 2016
Man..I had no idea that I missed your writings a lot..You've written very well! 😊
Soo.. Well, one of my buddies reads this book a lotttt and is a big fan sooo let's hope for the best. Btw.. I loved the layout! 😍😍
whatamifeeling whatamifeeling Oct 01, 2016
aye , Twin Tussle is an massive hit and This MPB is going to be bigger than TT. 😍😍🙌🙌💜💜💜
-hartmarkle -hartmarkle Jan 26
This is so beautifully written, I should take lessons from you