+ Incubus +

+ Incubus +

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Amoeba By Yours_Truly__ Completed


The nighttime. A dozen of sleeping mortals lay in their beds, dreaming. Their imagination taking them to places unknown; they dream beautiful, happy dreams. Until I come to their sleeping forms and transform their lovely dreams into ones they dread even in their waking life. 

Incubus, the demon of the night. I am the monster that hides under your bed at night waiting for you to fall asleep so I can strike. I am one of the greatest fears and evil mankind has encountered.

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Lunaqueen23 Lunaqueen23 Jun 10, 2017
Making me paranoid over here lol 👀 looking under my bed now
Nimrah2000 Nimrah2000 Apr 04, 2016
I wnd up rolling under my bed in my sleep...im a sleep walker
DanitaBlakeshade DanitaBlakeshade Nov 22, 2015
before I read on, loving it so far, was wondering if you used mythology in your story? if so I might love your story even more
DanitaBlakeshade DanitaBlakeshade Nov 22, 2015
I am just wondering... the ppl in your cover pic is it Jensen Ackles and Kristen Stewart?
disjdksksks disjdksksks Jul 19, 2015
but I have no space under my bed. ._. 
                              where are you hiding?
missy-cat missy-cat Apr 20, 2015
I always thought cookie monster use to live under my bed so I put a cookie under there every night. It always use to disappear, cuz I ate them. 
                              Yes, I was a weird child