Feministical Athena [✓]

Feministical Athena [✓]

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𝓾𝓷𝓪 By jimmychoos Completed

[A Featured Wattpad Story // highest ranking: #8]

He fell for her too soon.

She fell for him too late.

- Whereas you will only find their love through words only, for actions aren't told.

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ptriciazm ptriciazm Feb 15
Hey everyone I'm doing a research project over feminism, and would really appreciate it if you took my survey. It's only ten questions.
NinaLemonslol NinaLemonslol Aug 01, 2017
*slaps* Because ima feminist. And feminfeminists aren't old fashioned. We have muscles too. We are just as good as you are.
thegoodtypeoftrash thegoodtypeoftrash Jul 15, 2017
Yes, I'm the person that wishes you goodnight. Every night. All the nights. Outside your bedroom door. And you don't even say goodnight back smh
Clobenzo Clobenzo Sep 18, 2017
Because I don't feel like dealing with those self righteous pompous assholes🙃
NerdzGala NerdzGala Dec 03, 2017
Because I would rather die than ever let a man tell me that I am what I am because of him.
- - Sep 08, 2017
Oh well so where i can watch this show anyway?  Sorry i never heard this one before lol.