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One Piece One Shots!

One Piece One Shots!

29.8K Reads 932 Votes 13 Part Story
SevenDevilsInMyHeart By SevenDevilsInMyHeart Completed


tibbykat2001 tibbykat2001 Jun 07, 2016
Zoro x injured reader where the reader gets shot with an arrow. And then a Zoro x bullied reader where the reader is bullied but Zoro protects her
AngelofPunkRock AngelofPunkRock Aug 10, 2016
Does he not have any other shirts or was he just like uber pissed at that moment?
MirandaMingoth MirandaMingoth Mar 28, 2016
i hope you make a patr 2 for this . i like it  (inspirational thumbs up) good work
RawrImaOtaku RawrImaOtaku May 23, 2016
Luffy x reader
                              Ace x reader
                              Luffy x Ace (don't judge me...I ship them so much)
ASL x reader. They love you, and throw in some agnst and fluff plz! Thx
I didn't even have to get the joke before I broke out laughing