Best Friend's Revenge

Best Friend's Revenge

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Two years ago Liz Charleston made the biggest mistake in her life by giving into her need to be popular and rejecting the only guy she has ever cared about. 
          In her desire to become one of the first sophomores to join the junior-varsity cheer leading team, she breaks his heart.
          Two years later and Frank's back, transformed into Taylor Blackstone, the new kid from New York who has it all.
          He's taller, stronger and albeit hotter than ever, with a long line of girls that have no idea who he really is.
          Except for her. The girl that broke his heart two years ago.
          And he is determined to make her regret ever pushing him aside, with a side of revenge.
          After all, revenge is best served handsome.
          ** Inspired by Jane Austen's acclaimed novel 'Persuasion' and 'Pride and Prejudice'
  *** Highest Ranking : #6 HUMOR #58 TEEN FICTION

**** Cover by @rapidhearts ❤

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I would want to see the cast 🙁 
                              You're doing great though 💕💕
please please pleaseee tell me you guys are better now 💗💗
gortega023 gortega023 Nov 26
I am currently going through this but I always knew what he meant to me, I was just scared of opening up and now he has a girlfriend, even though he does a lot of the things that he used to do when he loved me. Any advice?
I just got curious about this story because of Sehun and Irene on the cover XD 
                              I'm sorry
Elliscot3 Elliscot3 Oct 25
Go and try to fix things with her darl. It might be late but there is still time.
                              After all its always said, 'Better late than never.'
That’s really sweet. It makes you a bigger person for owning and admitting it. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s perfectly fine he’ll forgive you.