Saving Gracie | ✓

Saving Gracie | ✓

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Talesha Mitchell By XmysterysmileX Completed

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Grace Parkinson doesn't know what it feels like to be happy. Living in a world where people aren't nice, where people aren't like the people in the movies, it makes her think that there is no such thing as happiness. Having no friends and not being able to talk to her mum about her problems since she has cancer doesn't even help her situation just a little bit at all.

One day though, a certain player with blonde hair and blue eyes finds Grace leaning against the lockers, crying her problems away, and decides to help her.

Since that day, you would expect things to go better but things don't get better, they get worse and when Grace finds herself about to jump off of the school building, thinking that the solution to her problems is death, the blonde player finds himself helping the lost girl again.

The only question is:

What will happen next?

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Take it as a compliment, I only cry when I get attached to the characters, and the author writes out something so well written my brain just has to make me cry
3 days clean but even though it’s not much, I think that the 100th times the charm
MissM_H MissM_H Aug 15
OMG ANOTHER BRITISH IN THE CLAN!!! FINALLY! YOU SAID YEAR 7 INSTEAD OF GRADE 6! XD. No offence to all those Americans but it kinda gets annoying with all that American talk! AHHHHHHHHH :D
WHO ELSE LOVES DOVE CAMERON????? (not like love love,but like, like like
I’m so happy that ppl actually decided to change a bit like the normal player being francisco it was starting to get annoying but this is a whole different story and I’m exited to read it
Oh lord I got confused😂 until I remembered its like this on twitter💀