Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me?

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Katie Cruz By katiecruz Updated Jun 26, 2016

(Humor  #3  Romance  #4 - EDITING FOR EBOOK VERSION) This is Clarey: A slim, pretty, brunette tomboy.
This is Evan: A spoiled, cocky, handsome rich boy.

Mix the two together and what do you get?

CJ + Evan = Chaos!

Clarey Johnson and Evan James von Detten had always hated each other ever since kindergarten. They were neighbors and they went to the same school together. Clarey's life changed when Evan moved away at the end of fourth grade, which only means one thing. No more annoying Evan the prankster. For Evan, no more CJ the terrible tomboy.

Fast forward, eight years later. A new boy transferred to Clarey's school and to her surprise is none other than her mortal enemy, Evan James von Detten.

Life is good again.

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W A R N I N G : 

Read at your own risk. Super cliche novel that I'll probably take down one of these days. It needs to be rewritten badly.

DYLM is currently being edited, I apologize for any issues you may see. If you spot any errors or any loopholes, please let me know. ;) Thanks! (Title shortened to DYLM 08.04.14)

OhItsRonni OhItsRonni Jun 15, 2016
I'm not surprised kids seem to mimic what they hear in the world so...yeah
FlowerOfCamelis FlowerOfCamelis Nov 28, 2016
Phew, someone at least isn't a complete bastard! There is still hope for humanity! *cries dramatically*
notsoslimshadyyy notsoslimshadyyy Jul 09, 2016
Even through all his assïness a tear escaped for, you good person
FlowerOfCamelis FlowerOfCamelis Nov 28, 2016
I loved Barbies when I was a little kid, but now, I'm really not so girlish
kassandragarcia2799 kassandragarcia2799 Jul 02, 2016
I picture her as hilary duff in another Cinderella story loo
BookieForever1245 BookieForever1245 Jun 01, 2016
Your flipping nine years old girl what he heck are you doing