Hurt {wattys2016}

Hurt {wattys2016}

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*Daphne* By Daphne_Simone Completed

"You don't know me..."

Diana's life is far from ordinary life. She gets bullied at school, and abused at home. Everyone thinks she's a freak. But, will one special person change that. 

Connor's life is perfect. Popular, on the football and soccer team, loving parents, tons of friends, cheerleader girlfriend, good grades. Until he meets one special person who changes that. 

They meet one night at the park and then something...happens. Then comes trust, friendship, and love. What happened when Connor finds out Diana's secrets?  READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!


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IsItRae IsItRae Aug 29, 2016
I hope I'm not the only one who is reminded of kristen stewart whenever I see emma... (not trying to be rude they just look so alike)
ChocolateAdmirer_123 ChocolateAdmirer_123 Oct 16, 2016
YOU DONT OWN MEE IM NOT JUST ONE OF YOUR MANY TOYS YOU DONT OWNN MEE sorry that's the song that comes in mind heh
ashlieseth ashlieseth Mar 15, 2016
That's Emma Watson at first I thought it was Nina dobrev or Kristen Stewart
4everdauntless6 4everdauntless6 7 days ago
Lol everyone is like "Emma Watson!!"...and I'm like.. HERMIONE!!!! ❤❤
ImSatann ImSatann May 02, 2016
First thing I think when I see her is
                              Get back to hog warts!!
DanyelleSilver DanyelleSilver Jul 05, 2015
Ouch. This is painful to read...
                              I can't imagine what she's going through, but I'll say that she's pretty strong to look in her mirror and then shrug off how she looks before leaving for outside to escape.