The Last Healer (A Witch's Tale)

The Last Healer (A Witch's Tale)

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Black,straight-haired people, they possess unique and unusual abilities; they have such strange power or can it be magic? They are once the healers of the land of Cellis, but they were accused of spreading a disease and they were thrown far away to live at the eastern end part of Cellis, the town of Yel, and were labeled "witches". 

Years after, they were one knows that one survived, a timid yet strong-willed young lady. Alone, she lives to discover, to heal people and unexpectedly finds love.

#71 in Fantasy 12.21.15 with 2k votes - I never would have thought!

  • archery
  • dark
  • healer
  • love
  • magic
  • nobles
  • prince
  • romance
  • royalty
  • witch
SaraMendivilBlasco6 SaraMendivilBlasco6 Feb 01, 2016
Sorry to dissapoint you, you can't catch a fish shooting an arrow, the water is denser than the air so the arrow would slow and never Hot Its target; thats why you use lances or nets
Bhashini Bhashini Feb 12, 2016
Intense prologue! Poor Valen, all alone now. I'm curious to see how she'll fare.
Mortuarylover Mortuarylover May 12, 2015
does this still need to b edited?, good so far but there are some extra words throughout and some missing words too...sry but it drives me crazy..I do like it though
EleanaDemille EleanaDemille Mar 27, 2015
It's a sad beginning but very impressive for a hook and introduction
thebunnyhops thebunnyhops May 30, 2013
Why did you start it with a sad beginning? ='(..but it's nice my friend!
TheColorIsRed TheColorIsRed May 14, 2013
@ChristopherXie: Thanks for voting and for the comment. I appreciate it!