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Unexpected Game (Billdip)

Unexpected Game (Billdip)

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Gravity Zero By DipperCipher0 Completed

[Going under cleaning]

Weirdmageddon is happening, but something is different. Has Bill really won the game? Is the world finally under Bill's reign? What if Dipper didn't decide to try and punch Bill when he was being pressured by the jerk of a triangle to do something to stop him. Instead Dipper did something unexpected that Bill didn't think he would do. Now both come into a game that neither though they would play.

The picture for the cover, credit goes to the person who made it. I just edited it. Shout out to the person on YouTube who made the video. Just look up he song ECHO  with Gravity Fall next to it. It's really good^^

Those who are reading, have fun!

I don't own Gravity Falls! Or the music and pictures on here :)

BoyxBoy BillDip XD

She started being the first Billdip shipper at the Sock Opera.Who remembers that because I do?
                              Mabel:Bill,Dipper!*squints eyes*Bipper.
He is telling lies and Dipper is telling truths.That's why both attract.XP.....XDDD
Dipper:*mouth open*
                              Me:*closes it*Close it because his dick might enter it.
                              Dipper:Sh-shut up!!
one of us 
                              one of us
                              one of us
                              one oF US
                              ONE OF US 
                              ONE OF US
                              ONE OF US!!!
so Mabel ships her Bro bro with a Dorito..... sweet!!
                              I just realized rhymed
                              *entering mable's bubble fills you with DETERMINATION*
                              Save file
                              Save file SAVED