Just The Three of Us (Boyxboy)(mpreg)(BL Book2)

Just The Three of Us (Boyxboy)(mpreg)(BL Book2)

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Chocolate Bunny By steffiekins Completed

All Jonah Davis wanted was to go out to the one of the biggest parties of the year and forget he ever met his ex Tanner after his heart was broken but instead he had one a night stand with a guy he'd never met who just so happened to be the most popular guy in school, Kaden Matthews who was currently dating captain of the cheerleading squad, Marcy Carter.

A few months later both the young boys' lives change forever when Jonah finds out he's pregnant and Kaden realizes he's the father.  They try to make a go of it and prepare for the arrival of their child.  However, all of this is made harder when Tanner resurfaces wanting Jonah back, Kaden's parents want the two boys to give their child up for adoption and high school graduation fast approaching.

This is my first mpreg story sorry if it's not so good.

*Warning: This story contains scenes with two guys kissing, etc. as well as male pregnancy.  If you do not feel comfortable reading, this story may not be for you.

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AmesMax AmesMax Mar 11, 2017
I'm liking where this is going, truly, but I feel that you're sentences run on too long. Just try to punctuate more to make it easier to read and understand, if that helps
nzzisanxiety nzzisanxiety Apr 29, 2017
Lol why slip away when you can stay and watch??  
                              XD haha sorry for my perverted ways...
Aaditya34 Aaditya34 Mar 20, 2017
This type starting is unusual and the story is nice going. liking it very much
yasholovescats yasholovescats Jul 09, 2016
Because you fǔcked him, because you had wild, drunken séx and yes, yes
ChristelaJanvier ChristelaJanvier Oct 16, 2016
Am I the only one who's bothered that he touched his face without washing guys hands
ChristelaJanvier ChristelaJanvier Oct 16, 2016
But damn I used to "like" this boy in my grade but then I noticed whenever I dreamed it was his older brother we were best friends to