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I'm having his baby, but I'm a boy?! [ Completed. ]

I'm having his baby, but I'm a boy?! [ Completed. ]

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先輩 By White_Creyon Completed

|| Description edited. ||

"I'm just an ordinary guy. There is nothing special about me." Ashton constantly told himself.

Ashton was the only gay kid in town. The only people who knew about this was of course his best friends, mother, and sister no one else needed to know so he kept it to himself until one day. Ashton was always a loner type of kid, avoiding crowds, making friends or being noticed by anyone then the male moved in down the street in the house that has been empty for years. Ashton wasn't gonna bother them until he spotted the boy that was there.

Fernando had just came from California, another move and another town he thought. He knew this wasn't gonna last so making friends wasn't on his mind until he decided to go for the football team being immediately labeled the schools quarterback. One day he spotted a boy who looked younger than him but very fragile and immediately took to the other male wanting to know him and get near him. 

Ashton begins to crush on Fernando a few days before school started. He has been from the first eye contact they ever had but he never made a move in fear of being rejected. Ashton constantly fear that Fernando doesn't notice him but what he doesn't know is that Fernando has been eyeing Ashton since the first eye contact as well. With Ashton hopes high will he be able to talk to Fernando or let him slip, but what he doesn't know is that secretly Fernando has been wanting to talk to Ashton but never had the nerve to. Will either them confront one another, what truths will be revealed, What secrets lie in wait?

Will Ashton be able to survive this year of high school?

| Boyxboy | Gay Love | Male Pregnancy | Mature | School | 

@All Rights Reserved.

AiMila AiMila Oct 19, 2016
I know.....sometimes if I go the whole day without drinking pain killers on the first day it makes me double over in pain
mslove15467 mslove15467 Dec 16, 2016
HE HAS A PERIOD!!! THAT'S SO COOL😂😂😂 But not for him😉😉😉
chicopapi chicopapi Dec 29, 2016
I'll just imagine him as teejay Hughes. idkw don't ask me xD
Bookshelf_Creeper Bookshelf_Creeper Jun 19, 2016
I've been frozen staring at the screen for the last 20 minutes. I don't even know what to think... Should I think? I'm having heart palpitations... Help me.
lopeznx05 lopeznx05 Jul 16, 2016
Is this part in first or third person? Sorry I don't mean to offend. Just curious
CrimsonScarlet22 CrimsonScarlet22 Nov 14, 2016
OK. Not trying to be judgmental but what's with all the woulds when your in first person?