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The Runaway And Baby

The Runaway And Baby

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None Ya Business By loverbooks231 Updated Aug 23, 2016

Ella has just turned 16 and found her mate. But seeing as she got pregnant and rejected by him. She has only one thing she could do: runaway. And so five years later, when life is at it's moment of bliss. He just had to come back and ruin it once again.

Cover by @gansterbabe13
#1 Werewolf (5-24-2016) <--- IDK How

wareCme wareCme Jun 24
Wow the  crap is going to hit the fan at high speed shout watch out for will splatter everywhere ☺hee hee hee 😋 consequences and repercussions but everything you do and say eventually it comes back and bite you in the butt for real 😎 ironically
TriTri654 TriTri654 Jun 25
Erm he could pass for your dad honey might want a new hubby if I were you
barbie66 barbie66 Aug 24, 2016
Wowwwww.....what an he wants her after everything he did to her ...😠😠😠😠
xXxGenocidexXx xXxGenocidexXx Aug 13, 2016
Gir your wit some ol dude who I'm surprised actually gave you a child like gir the freak is wrong with you
Poster_Labs Poster_Labs Jan 30
not to be rude or anything but wtf? I'm sorry but I came here for a werewolf bookand now I'm reading this... y does this sound like twilight....... I'm so confuuuuuusssssseeeeedddd
VikkiVal13 VikkiVal13 Jul 18, 2016
I love it. A simple way of getting to the point and all the facts without having to make a whole OTHER book just to get there 👏